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Il padrone spotted in the wild

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il padrone:
Well hey! Back again, great tour.

That was Benambra and Tim (a Gippsland local riding with us) tells us that Benambra is "big hat country". The Omeo folks also refer to Benambra as "Benanza"  ;)

Yes, it was a surprise to see a cyclist ahead ("Did Matthew get ahead of me or something???") and great to meet up with a fellow forum poster - from the Thorn Forum - even rarer than local forumers. BTW, at the moment of this meeting, amongst eight cyclists we had five Rohloffs and one absentee Rohloff  :D

il padrone:
In NZ now on tour with a group of 9 others. About to hit Rotorua tomorrow for two nights. A day of geysers and Maori hangis. Then we are heading on to Tauranga and the Coromandel.

Slammin Sammy:
Jealous! Fantastic riding country.

Safe travels,

Great pictures.

Is there a collective name for a group of touring cyclists?

Keep it clean folks.....

Slammin Sammy:
How about a "pride of peddlers", a "clutch of cyclists", a "lodge of lycrans" or a "welter of wheelmen"?

Lame, I know... But it is 1:22am, so I'm not firing on all cylinders.

I'm sure I missed a few...



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