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Il padrone spotted in the wild

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Lovely countryside, John, in both seasons. I love the snowman kit too! :) It's very flat around here. Lots of marshes, and a thriving agri/horticultural scene. Rice, cotton, citrus, soft fruits and potatoes. New innovations are basil and the US company Fall Creek has built a big, new blueberry plant nursery close to our village. As an agriculturist by training my daily rides are interesting throughout the year. I even plan my route to catch up on a particular crop event I want to see progressing. As a biurdwatcher I skirt the famous Doñana national park, a world heritage site for birders. We get some spectacular cloud formations at times over the marshes. I'll dig out a few pics at the weekend.

John Saxby:
Ah, now I know where you are, Brian -- just south of Almonte.  Splendid sweep of coastline on the famous bay.

(Interesting PS:  There's an Almonte in the Ottawa Valley, just west of Ottawa. Here's the story -

My first-hand knowledge of Spain is very limited, just a ten-day hike in the Pyrenees near Ordesa NP, and another ten days' stay in Madrid and Córdoba.  Both were enough to whet my appetite for cycling, tho', maybe in March or September.

Mike Ayling:
. Mary was leaving the doctors' waiting room yesterday and she met a woman parking her bike outside. Mary said oooh that's a Rohloff, we have one on our Thorn tandem. Anyway durinig the conversation it turned out that she was talking to Mrs il padrone.



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