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Il padrone spotted in the wild

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You know how it goes... You don't see another touring cyclist for a week, then suddenly seven of them come along at once.

Il padrone is second from the right. His yellow Thorn has been trained well and stands on it's own. Encountered this mob a few days ago just outside the Alpine National Park near Benambra, Victoria, AU.

happy days look at that sky,everyone well loaded up what is the story there.
great pic.


--- Quote ---...what is the story there.
--- End quote ---
Right here, jags:



I believe it's a week long group ride for the Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club. It goes through some pretty remote country so a bit of food and camping gear needs to be carried. On my own trip in the region I've just gone a week between shops.

what a country seriously love to go touring in a group like that ,at the moment here in rain drench ireland the sky is black it hasn't stopp lashing rain all day long,.my son is in new zwland this past 2 months having a ball and loving the weather hes due back here in a few weeks hah don't think he will hang aroung to long.
happy trails boy's enjoy your touring soak up that sun.


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