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Coast to Coast in a Day
« on: July 04, 2014, 09:43:59 am »
I know I'm a bit late asking after the event but did any fellow Thorn riders do the Coast to Coast in a Day last Saturday (28th June)?  This was 150 miles / 4500 metres of climbing from Seascale to Whitby.  Over 700 other cyclists took part.

I didn't spot any other Thorns and to be honest I wasn't sure I would.  My Thorn Audax, by the way, was really good and performed well.  Although a little heavier than just about every other bike there, once again I found it really comfortable especially when it came to soaking up rough road vibrations.  Although there were some very nice Treks, Specializeds and the like, there's something nice about having a bike that's little different from the herd.

I'd be really pleased to hear from anyone else there - no matter if they were on a Thorn or something else - The life long joy of cycling