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New drive train for Russia and beyond tour
« on: October 14, 2010, 04:22:41 pm »
Hi there

Over summer this year myself and my partner Emma cycled from the north of Spain to Istanbul over an adventure filled 6 months and 8500km or so. Prior to this trip on our same Thorn Sherpas we had also completed a LEJOG trip so in total have travelled around 12000km on our bikes. We are staying in Istanbul for the next 6 months before we continue further east through Russia, Mongolia, maybe China and into SE Asia using a combination of cycling and train travel. We expect to travel upwards of another 15,000km on our bikes next year and so are taking the chance now to replace some components.

The bikes have been inspected by a local bike shop in Istanbul who have found only one worn bottom bracket between the two bikes so not to bad but also agree with our plan to replace the drive trains on both bikes ahead of next years cycling.

So onto the advice Im after. When the bikes were new they came with Shimano Deore drive train components as stock but we are considering upgrading to SLX or XT based on some reading online and looking at the price differences between the components. My planned setup is:

Cassette - XT M770
Chainset - SLX M660 inc BB
Chain - HG93

This is the first time I have ever really researched this kind of stuff so please excuse my newbie questions:

1. Does anybody have any opinions or recommendations on my planned setup?

2. Should I also be considering replacing the derailleurs at all. There are no evident problems with these but should they be replaced as a precaution?

Any advice or comments very welcome and appreciated.