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I have a gravel bike which I intend to use for occasional touring.  It has a front hub dynamo connected to a crown mounted light.  I have recently fitted a rack mounted rear light.  I ran the cable from the rear to cable coming from the front light fixing it to the rack, seat tube and up the down tube.  The 2 cables are soldered and wrapped in shrink wrap.

I have a long tour planned next year and the bike is set up for that tour.

When I come back I want to strip the mudguards and rack and fit more chunky tyres for gravel riding.  I will have to break the cable between the two lights and secure the loose end connected to the front light.

Is there a reliable and recognised push fit or screw connector for this purpose?

Where is the "best" place to locate this connector - close to the front or the rear?

I have found the supernova gold plug set works well for me.

Has anyone used these?
(I havenít but thought they look pretty nifty)

When I set up my first dynohub lighting system, I saw that B&M was using 2.8mm spade connectors, so I bought a bunch of extras and I use those where I have a place where I might want to disconnect some wiring later.  They are not fancy and do not look as great as some of the other options, but they do the job.  If I need them to hold tighter, a pliers solves that.

If anyone is interested, on a different forum I described how I wired up my rando bike for lights, that link is at:


--- Quote from: Chris2020 on October 15, 2022, 09:02:16 pm ---Has anyone used these?
(I havenít but thought they look pretty nifty)

--- End quote ---

Thanks.  I think I'll give this a go. Not the cheapest but it looks to be the tidiest solution for when the rack and rear light are off the bike.

I'll also have a rethink on the cable routing.  I think it wold be tidier if the cable from the front light was pointing down when the rack was off.


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