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Re: Theft prevention
« Reply #90 on: May 05, 2021, 04:53:12 PM »
My bike bites back. See:
and if you leave the thread before the end, the examples of my own snake biting me are in:

Still in a humorous vein: one of my hobbies is UHT (ultra high tension) thermionic tube audiophile amps with up to 2000V on them, and electrostatic loudspeakers with 5500V on them; even my electrostatic headphones have 600V between my ears -- they sound particularly good on Gregorian chant: nearer my God to Thee!
I build my own UHT amps and rebuild the QUAD electrostatics as required.

The ring of fear sounds interesting indeed . Along the same lines as the skunk lock. You know it would be effective but scared of the legalities!

Someone mentioned when camping to use fishing gut wrapped around trees to hedge you and and your belongings in, as a sort of fence . Cool idea. Or we could go electric fence instead 😄

Iím a newbie to electronics but been researching up guitar tube amps and how they work. Interesting stuff .


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Re: Theft prevention
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I like the idea of the n-lock but need to find out the dimensions.

Andre Jute

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Re: Theft prevention
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I like the idea of the n-lock but need to find out the dimensions.

Discussions of the n'lock have a tendency, second only to the Hebie Chainglider, to divert even major general or other-directed discussions, so I've opened a new thread at
Third Incarnation of the n'lock -- clever bicycle security
or click on the URL
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Re: Theft prevention
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I'm a locksmith / safe engineer ,my view is it's either with me or in the back of my van , If you need to lock it just check with your insurance company that you have a lock that is on their list , probably be a Sold Secure product , I use  a combination & chain all in one that is made to wear like a belt , never notice it's there , sorry I can't remember the make .