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Randoneur front rack users
« on: July 05, 2019, 11:47:25 am »
Anyone used these style of racks fixed on the front cantilever frame mounts?
Also some fix on the low loader mounts although it seems a lottery to which brand will fit.
Some fix by P brackets on the fork which I am reluctant to use.
I want to carry sleeping bag and light weight mat in a more  aero/narrow position than front panniers and will be used on forest roads and narrowish  singletrack , so must be able to take the associated vibrations etc.
An alternative is a bike packing style bar bag , but I think these are a faff with sti levers and drop bars and will rub the brake cable etc. I did try a dry bag like this once , but was not perfect.
The bike is a Club Tour.

The Salsa 8 pack looks ok too, but I bet its a hefty bit of kit !!! and not exactly cheap!!
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