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White Ind. Quick Draw Crankset
« on: May 28, 2012, 05:54:15 pm »
Hi All!

White Industries (at: ) have released their new "Quick Draw" crankset (crank arms, really) that allow one to quickly remove and reinstall *any* pedals fitted with their bronze adapters.

On the good side, they market them as convenient -- remove or change pedals without tools to ease travel, storage, or security (no pedals or way to fit them reduces theft potential).

On the bad side, I (who in fairness have never seen them in person or tested them) have concerns about creaking and looseness developing over time, and bronze is not the strongest or lightest material in the world (though it is self-lubricating to a degree, so that might address any creaking). White does a good job on their products, so these are likely well-engineered.

In any case, this is an interesting entry in the field, and it is nice to have the option of using any pedal (including your favorite ones) and being able to remove one or both as needed. This would seem a nice addition to any air-traveling tourist's bike, especially if their bike is S&S-coupled.

Here's what White have to say...
Our Quick Draw Crank Set lets you switch from the clipless pedals that you use for weekend riding and racing to the platform pedals that you use for daily commuting and local errands without using any tool other than your own two hands.  Press in the small steel pin, slide the locking plate, and withdraw your pedal.  That is it!  You can switch to a different set of pedals that have our bronze sleeves on them ( extra set included with purchase) and you are ready to ride in under two minutes.  Do you like to travel with your bike?  Our new cranks make it easy to remove and install pedals when packing your bike.  There is no need to bring a pedal wrench when traveling.   Maybe you commute to work and have to leave your bike locked up outside.  Go ahead and lock it up, you can then quickly remove your pedals and pop them into your bag making it a little more challenging to make off with your bike.  We are confident that the Quick Draw Crank Set will make your life simplier and you'll be spending more time riding and enjoying your bike, rather than working in the garage reconfiguring your bike for your planned ride.
The cranks are available in 165mm, 170mm, 175mm, and 180mm lengths, are ENO (White's spline drive-mount singlespeed rings/cranks) and VBC (White's Variable Bolt Circle) ring compatible, weigh 590 grams, come only in polished silver, and have a JIS taper/interface. I do not know if they are forged, but suspect they may be machined from billet.

Hope this helps someone.