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Anyone taken apart an IQ-X?

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The stand light on my IQ-X has ceased to function. I found a YouTube video of someone taking one apart. It is quite easy. The front and rear rings merely unscrew. It is in German though, and I don't understand German. I also can't tell a capacitor from a hole in the ground, so dismantling it won't help until I know what I'm looking for. I haven't checked to see if B&M have a repair service, but, shipping from Canada to Germany and back would probably cost a good percentage of just replacing it. Of course the easiest solution is to just run a cheap blinkie so I'm visible when stopped, but I'm the kind of person who likes everything to work. What are your ideas?

I have no idea if Peter White repairs that or not, he is in USA which is a bit closer than EU.  He is the USA distributor for B&M.

Great idea. Thanks, George. I'll email him and find out if he can help.

Andre Jute:
At that scale a capacitor looks like a larger resistor, but in many cases without the resistor's value-indicator bands. If it has a number ending in xF printed on it, where x is some value in Farads or a fraction of a Farad as in uF or nF or pF, it is a capacitor.

I had a rear stand light stop working. I took it apart and found that the solder joints had become brittle and it was no longer making constant or reliable connection. A quick blob of new solder and the connection is still working years later.

You can check if any components are wobbly which might be the cause without needing to know you amps from your ohms.

Capacitors often look like little beer cans or fat mini batteries.


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