Author Topic: Chain tension with Hebie Chainglider  (Read 1630 times)


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Chain tension with Hebie Chainglider
« on: September 10, 2023, 08:59:53 pm »
After another puncture in the rear wheel today, on refitting the wheel I thought that the chain was a little slack - but with Rohloff and Hebie Chainglider - does it matter?   And if it does, what is the correct slack and how do you measure it?
Love the Hebie - oiling the chain at 500 mile intervals and it stays lubed and clean….
Only negative is that when riding through puddles the water knocks the chaincase backwards and it takes maybe a minute to reposition itself.   Otherwise great, and from the sand and grit on it, it is obviously protecting the chain.


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Re: Chain tension with Hebie Chainglider
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2023, 10:59:54 pm »
Chains still stretch with the Chainglider. Trouble is you can run relatively slack with Rohloff, but don’t let it get too slack or you can find chain coming off unexpectedly. As the Chainglider is hiding the slack I suspect it is easier not to spot that point as easily. At least in my experience.
You don’t want chain too tight. But too loose and it will drag inside the Chainglider case.

Not sure how puddles cause the glider backwards? Maybe it is not seated quite right or chain too loose? Never had that problem.
I’m only oiling my chain if I have to open the Chainglider, and tend to have got 1000km+ between oiling mostly because it is open and not necessarily because it needs an oil.
If only my bike shed were bigger on the inside...