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Danneaux: has remarkably high claimed output and includes an integrated charger.

Reach for your wallets!  ;D

Google translation to English...
German original...

Best, Dan.

Thanks for posting.

I have developed a preference to a USB charger that is separate from the light. When I go on a bike tour on an airplane with my S&S coupled bike, I no longer bring dyno powered lights, instead the hub is only used for USB power for batteries. I bought a Cycle2Charge V3 last summer, that worked pretty good at keeping all my electronics powered on a two week tour this past spring.

Hi Mick
Could you fill out a few details on your charging set up please.
Does it charge a power bank and then you charge items?
I've heard it can be tricky directly charging items/ phones?



Thanks, I think! 
I am a sucker for new lights, even though I'm entirely happy with the set up I have now.  I too like to keep lighting and charging separate, mainly because I don't really need the charging, other than as a back up.  The charger, Igaro D1,is only ever going to be a temporary fitting when needed, which also means it can be available for all bikes.

Andre Jute:
This new Edelux Dan linked, if it does everything on the consumer model that is claimed to be onboard the prototype, might just be the major step forward we've been waiting for since the last one, which was the launch of the Cyo, which for the first time brought grown-up car-type lighting to bicycles. 1200mA in the built-in store won't be enough to fully charge an iPhone, but it is perfect as the stabiliser (a constant current device in the jargon) that may allow you to plug the iPhone in to suck off the battery even as the battery is being recharged. It sounds clever to me; I have lots of experience with constant current devices (in thermionic tube audio, where rechargeable batteries replacing resistance/capacitor bypasses in the cathode networks were part of what made my amps sound so superior), and am very keen indeed on correctly scaled batteries as constant current components between the power source and expensive sensitive electronics.     

Currently, I plug my fully charged iPhone for my bike into a recharged power bank which goes with the iPhone in a weatherproof baggie clipped onto the handlebars, and arrive home generally speaking with my phone fully charged even if I went wild with trying to find some obscure overgrown lane on the map. The power bank holds enough charge to do this several times, or twice when starting with a near-empty iPhone. I could charge both the iPhone and the power bank from the 36V battery to drive the bike but the wiring would be messy. So a lamp which works well with the hub dynamo and the iPhone (essential to me not because I get lost but for my heart rate by which I regulate my input at the pedals) would be a welcome advance on off-bike charging.

We'll see what gives when the new Edelux actually arrives.

Well found, Dan!

PS Duh. Nearly forgot the most important feature promised for the new Edelux, high and low beams, which I last enjoyed on a bike after building it myself for my Gazelle Toulouse from decorators' MR11 and MR16 track lamps, powered by a handlebar full of rechargeable NiCad batteries.


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