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Placing front light when you also have a handlebar bag

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What are the best practices for placing the front light (one that usually would go on the handlebar) if I also have a handlebar bag? From the pictures I saw it looks like there might be hardly enough clearance over the "average placed" bag such that it might be OK for "being seen" but I would think that the bag does a huge shadow on the road and I wouldn't see much.

Nitto makes a lamp holder (RH-4) that bolts into the threaded boss on the fork to allow the use of a handlebar light mount. You could also just make one from a piece of broom handle with a hole drilled in it. This would only work if you are not using front panniers.

Position of the front lamp on my Raven Tour (utility). My other Raven Tour (touring) has a similar setup.

The extended front mudguard (copied from Danneaux) keeps most of the water and muck off the lamp when riding in wet weather, it also helps keep the upper parts of the front panniers a bit cleaner.

This looks to be the best position for a front light, it's in the centerline and there's no obstacle in front of it as with the other solutions, where the light is on one side of the fork. However judged from the picture I think you have a dynamo light with it's default mounting.

What I am after is a way to mount a lamp like this: It serves me well on my Saturday evening rides with friends, but that's a 2 hour ride with no handlebar bag. It looks like mounting it on the handlebar would make it not very useful because the bag would shadow most of the light, certainly if I would point it at a usual angle to see the road.

Looks like this would suit your purpose. Bolts to fork crown like a dynamo light and has a round bar to attach a battery light. If your handlebar bag is big there may not be enough clearance under the bag though.


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