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Re Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 GPS Bike Computer

On the cusp of succumbing to a gps for touring with, I wondered if anyone is already using this particular one.

I used Komoot on my Android phone while in Thailand recently.
With temperatures over 30° most days my phone was not happy. Battery swelled and I had to replace it on my return.
Decided to go for a Wahoo as soon as finances allow.
But will be very interested to hear other folks views.


I have had a wahoo elemnt bolt for the last 5 years.  It works very reliably in all conditions with few frills. I like the fact it has buttons and not a touchscreen. I should say, it works for the style of riding I am currently doing.  This has become mainly day rides in UK with a few multi day tours.  Basically, I plan a route on something like save it as gpx and open it in the Wahoo app which syncs with the head unit. I then have a basic black and white map which I can follow, a warning if I go off course, the usual data  and links to sensors.  When I get home it syncs automatically to Strava to save ride.  If buying again I would get one of coloured versions like the roam which should make the map easier to decipher.  My only hesitation would be for situations in remote locations where you want to use it more as a gps with detailed maps and alternate routes, there the Garmin range might be better.

Thanks Geo.
May I ask; if loading a GPX map route that's in another country, will it show up ok? Do you need to load a country map onto the Wahoo?

With my Komoot subscription I had worldwide coverage.


It should be ok in different countries. You just need to load the relevant maps onto the app. The default for me in UK was all of Europe. I think it’s based on open street maps and doesn’t use much memory but of course doesn’t have OS level detail.


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