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South of France into Italy - route planning
« on: February 22, 2023, 12:46:13 pm »
Around the end of April I will be in Nice heading towards Slovenia and on to Croatia.  I am following EuroVelo 8, in principal, by am not wedded to following it completely.

There seems to be 2 options for crossing the border.

One is over Col de la Lombarde and down towards Turin.  Lots of climbing but, presumably, fantastic views and a wonderful descent.  This route is dependent on the snow being cleared enough to allow passing with a decent weather forecast not to get caught in snow or sleet or freezing temps.

The other is to hug the coast towards Genoa.  Presumably it will be bumpy but could include some lovely coastal views etc.  Obviously getting past Genoa will involve a fair bit of climbing.

I can see the benefit of being further north to get the advantage of the flatter strip between the northern alps and the mountains running down the spine of Italy

I am not camping so availability of hostels and pensiones is of interest/concern.  There doesn't seem to be much going up towards Isola.

It is worth noting that the official route north of Nice is not defined and is simply shown as a dotted line although in all reality the only option is Lombarde.

I am interested in any views from people who have done one or both of these routes.
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