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RIP, Sheldon Brown


Andre Jute:
4 February is the anniversary of the death of Sheldon Brown, the only bicycle mechanic ever to rate an obituary in The Times of London. He was generally considered the most knowledgeable and helpful of American cyclists. Not so well known is the fact that he was also an enthusiast for Thorn bicycles and owner of this one:

Sheldon Brown's ThornBesides being the most notable bicycle mechanic of his era, and an extremely cultured and amusing mensch, Sheldon was also ever so slightly eccentric.

RIP, Sheldon.

Interesting post. I stumbled across Sheldon’s internet oracle of bike wisdom years ago when trying (unsuccessfully) to build a wheel with new rim and some on hand but used hub/spokes. And here was a guide to threading patterns and tips on the order and directions on how to thread the spokes in. Eventually I had a working wheel thanks to his clear and understandable repair guide suitable for dummies of all abilities  ::)
His internet guides on various cycling components and on maintenance have been a favourite of mine for years, many of which (like the wheel building tips) I printed out to have handy working in my bike shed. As a result of printing useful pages and not having broadband internet till around 2010 I missed his passing at the time, but was glad his legacy of encyclopaedic cycling knowledge has been maintained in cyberspace since then.
He is still a go to site for me, and a recommendation to any cyclist who wants more than just to ride but also to understand their bicycle.
An eccentric, a legend and an inspiration who even posthumously continues to impart knowledge through his website today and, I hope, for many years to come!

Yes indeed - Sheldon was Oracle number one to the bicycling world.

Right beside him, though not as widely read is this forum's own Danneaux. 

+1 from me.

For some strange reason I thought he was British.

Is someone else continuing to run / up-date his site?

Andre Jute:

--- Quote from: Matt2matt2002 on April 16, 2023, 10:03:38 am ---Is someone else continuing to run / up-date his site?
--- End quote ---

Yes, though not everyone is happy with how it is being done, and some would rather that it was kept pristine as Sheldon left it, because his style was unique.


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