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Alternative buffer battery for Cinq5?

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Clearly due to the fluctuating output of the Cinq5, this struggles to charge certain devices like Lithium Ion power packs. Does anyone use an alternative buffer battery other than the Cinq5 buffer battery (~100+!) which can be trickle charged and then used to charge other devices with a constant output? Many thanks

I will try to reply in more detail later, only have a few minutes.

There are the cycling ones that can be placed in a steerer tube or are waterproof.

And there are powerbanks that can be used in pass through mode where the battery can be charged simultaniously as being discharged to charge up some other device.

I use a powerbank in my handlebar bag.  But many power banks will not work in pass through mode, they can be charged or discharged, but not both at the same time.

Most powerbanks do not state if they can work in pass through mode, and some that say they can will have a hiccup in that mode and mess up the process of charging a GPS or whatever.

Which is your preference?  Cycle specific or other?

In my previous post, I assumed you wanted pass through capability.  Alternatively, if you want to charge up your power bank and later use that to charge other devices, you do not need pass through capability.  Some on this forum do it that way.  I want the pass through capability so that I can charge up my GPS while I am riding and using it.

I think most powerbanks can be charged up with a varying about of power. 

But if you are not using a cycling specific one, where do you put it?  And is that a good place to have it when it rains?  I am assuming in the rain, you are not using your Cinq5 to charge anything.  But if you had one that was part of the Cinq5, I assume that it would still be charging while you are riding in rain.

Thanks for your response.
My preference is a powerbank in my bar bag - any recommendations?

Mine with pass through capability was made by Voltaic.  Cost maybe twice what a cheaper one would have cost.  Mine as 44 watt hours of capacity, thus I have several days of power if for some reason I am not charging it very fast.  My model is no longer made, they make bigger and smaller ones.

I think that John Saxby on this forum uses an Anker one.  This post is several years old.  He charges it up while riding, then at end of day charges his devices from it.  I do not know if it has pass through capability.


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