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Handlebar switch for lights

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Am I right in thinking a rear dynamo light is connected to the front dynamo light ? The electricity passes from the hub to the front light then on to the back? And then returns to compete the circuit

My main question is could you turn on both front and rear lights from a switch attached to the handlebars? Somehow

That is how it works with my supernova lights driven from a dynohub.
The front light has a switch on the rear for on and  off.

Yes you’re correct, so if the switch is between the dynamo and headlight it should work on both lights.

Are you asking if you can add an additional switch?  If so, yes it's simple enough, though the wiring gets messy and with a switched light intended for hub dynamos and the light mounted in one of the usual places, it really isn't necessary.  Maybe on some sort of cycle where you couldn't reach the light while riding it would be an advantage.
I added a switch when using a non switched light intended for a bottle dynamo with a hub, but the wiring annoyed me and I ended up going direct and it being on all the time, daytime lights before they were popular!

Luxos U has a handlebar mounted switch with the USB port.

But I really think no handlebar switch is needed for most bikes, it takes very little practice to be able to reach to the switch button on the headlight, assuming it is on the front fork.  Extra wires and a switch that is not really needed is one more place for rain to get into.


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