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Neil Jones:
I loved the look of the Custom Mercury at the time but couldn't justify the hefty premium over the RST.

One of the headlamps looks like a Schmidt E6, I had one on a Dawes Super Galaxy and at the time it was about as good as Dynamo lights got but things have moved on over the past few years. My Son Edelux is probably brighter than the two headlights together, apparently the newer version is even better



--- Quote from: Neil Jones on January 04, 2017, 09:09:01 am ---Briiliant!

I remember spending countless hours deciding the spec I wanted for my RST back in 2010, I had the physical brochure but stupidly threw it out.

It looks like the new Mercury is the natural successor the the RST, I sometimes wonder how the two would compare, I'm unaware of anybody on the forum who has had the good fortune of owning or riding both. It looks to me that the main differences are wheel size and redesigned eccentric shell. I think the 700c wheels would roll better and you would be able to opt for lighter rims, not sure how much difference the eccentric shell would make. If I was to buy new now the Mercury would be perfect but the RST has been brilliant. I use mine for commuting year round. I gave it a good clean the other week and it comes up like brand new even though the roads around here are covered with salt. I have replaced most of the nuts and bolts with marine grade stainless which has helped.

I'm fortunate that I have an Audax which is a much lighter, faster bike and great for fast day rides but if I had to only own one bike a rohloff equipped Mercury would be the bike for me.


--- End quote ---

All very interesting.  I agree that if I could only have one bike now it would be the Mercury, although the price would make me wince!  It would be good to know if someone had ridden both the RST and Mercury to hear of any difference.  Also interested to know that you find the audax lighter and faster -is that in a similar spec to your RST?

Neil Jones:
I'm sorry Geocycle I've only just noticed your reply.

Regarding the differences regarding my RST and Audax 853, my RST is kitted out for commuting. It is flat barred, has a Son Dynamo hub on Rigida Grizzly CSS rims, lights and a Thorn Expedition Rear Rack. It is also currently shod with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres. The Audax has a Carradice Barley on a Sport Rack and medium weight Mavic rims (319) I think.

At a guess I would think that the RST would be about 3 kilos heavier than the Audax, the drop bars on the Audax also put you in a slightly more aerodynamic riding position too. I reckon on a 50 mile ride I would be around 2-3 mph faster.

One bike isn't better any than the other, they are just better at doing specific things. Maybe a Mercury would be the ideal compromise between the two.



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