Author Topic: New XTC build - a few questions  (Read 896 times)


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New XTC build - a few questions
« on: October 11, 2014, 09:01:21 PM »
Right, so I finally decided to build an XTC frame I got from SJSC workshop clearance. It's getting a verde lago paint job from Argos in Bristol, and most likely I'll end up asking them to build it up for me too as I'm not that confident and waaay too busy with DIY at the mo. ::)

I've almost decided to go for SLX groupset. 192 from Ribble seems to be the cheapest price for the whole drivetrain, but that's still 50 dearer than Deore... First question then, is it worth it, or should I just go for Deore? I'm going for 10 sp and sti shifters, 11-36 rear 24-32-42 front.

Handlebars - Thorn's silver flat ones are my favourite. Anyone seen a nice cheapo silver stem to complement that? Almost got a Planet X one for 9.99 but they only have oversize left in stock, I'd like 25.4 mm so can use Thorn bars.

FSA headsets have always worked well for me, but if anyone knows of an inexpensive alternative (silver!) please speak up as well.

Finally, the wheels will most likely come from Spa who sell Deore/Grizzly wheelset for 148 or 171 with LX hubs. At 23 difference I'll likely go for LX which have a distinct advantage of being sliver. SJSC-built wheels have always been bombproof, but Spa are priced very competitively... Good dynamo seems beyond my reach and also not convinced that I need one.

So that's it, all comments on the build are very much invited, and I'll post some photos in mid/late November when it's finished.