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Home Insurance can cover expensive bikes

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I recently acquired a Thorn eXp and was horrified at the price being quoted by the specialist cycle insurers. Worse, my house and contents insurer, Direct Line, would only give cover upto 1,500 and that cover was limited to loss by theft from a locked position.

I found Marks & Spencer house and contents insurance gives cover for unspecified items upto 4,000 (which includes bikes) and the items can be used away from the house. The quote I got was cheaper than my then current house and contents insurance and gave significantly better cover, plus it included all my bikes including the eXp!

I note that GreenBee (John Lewis) have just started selling a home insurance scheme which gives cover for items upto 5,000.

I have no connection with these insurance ventures other than being a new and happy customer of the M&S insurance.[:)]

I too am a householder with no connections in this field.  My RST is named and valued on the house and contents policy we have with Prudential and its covered when in use, all with no extra premium.  Fingers crossed I (and no one else) ever has to claim on this clause though!

I used Prudential for home contents plus named bikes. When my bikes became more than 1000 each Prudential were too expensive. I am now with Norwich Union. They accept non named bikes and to a value that you can specify, in my own case 5500. Cost adds approx 56.00 to the Policy. Well worth it. But in my own case just paranoai really as I never ever leave bikes unattended-or at least have not in the past. Its just that one day maybe.

I've just changed my house & contents to M & S recommended by my LBS. Cheaper than current & bikes covered up to 4000 no additional premium as per julk above. Brilliant.[:)]

M&S here I come!!!  Excellent info thanks Swislon


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