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   Just got another bike and rung my NFU bloke. Now can't tell you the cost yet BUT manager informs me it is now new for old away from home as standard. It is a Santos Travel Master Rohloff new 2700. My other insured away from home is Thorn Raven Enduro Rohloff insured at secondhand cost of 1500 maybe 1600. At the time I thought the insurance costs for the Thorn was over the top But looking at what people are saying about % of cost I  think it was 22 3 years ago. Cheap compared to what people are saying.

     Now obviously that's based on you having your house insurance with them. Also I have never heard of them doing a new customer reduction. Although possible if you negotiate with the local manager. They actually reduce the price proportionaly each year for 5 years with or without full no claims.
      Might be worth changing your house insurance for an NFU policy, for an overall saving?


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