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Giro D'Italia Start in Belfast / anybody here going to see it?

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 ;D ;D possible that could happen im always inviting people to stay one of these days i'll land a cropper. ;D ;D



--- Quote from: alfie1952 on April 30, 2014, 06:28:52 PM ---Hi Jawine,

I am thinking of coming over for  a short stay and to catch the start of the Giro D'Italia. I am going to bring my wife and 8 children, they are lovely kids who just like running around and playing with their pets. We were all going to  have to doss down in our old camper van, which is not really adequate as it is quite rusty and leaking petrol and oil and I'm sure is a health hazard if not for the dogs, certainly for the kids. So I would like to take you up on your offer. I will be in touch nearer the time, and I can't thank you enough for your generous offer. I've told the kids and they are really excited, so much so that little Billy has started to wet himself, bless !.

Kindest regards,Alfie


--- End quote ---

Well 2 in the sofabed, 2 on the sofa and 4 in a tent in the garden. I think I got some nappies left too. Sorted!

 ;D ;D i took a photo of the signs today here in town  i'll post it on face book.

Hi Jawine,

Your offer of free digs sounded good, but when I broke the news to my wife of this years holiday, she hit me with the bombshell that she is pregnant again, and to be honest she is not the best traveller. Although every cloud has a silver lining and the extra few quid family support will be very welcome, it may even help towards the repairs to the camper van, or an awning as it is getting rather cramped, what with all the kids,dogs and the scrap metal that we tend to collect to help pay for the holiday. So for now we will just have to forego you generous offer , but if at any time in the future you would consider having us we would gladly accept. Thank you for being such a good sport.

Regards from the clan Ross ;D ;D ;D


--- Quote ---i took a photo of the signs today here in town  i'll post it on face book.
--- End quote ---
...and reposted here on jags' behalf by Dan.

Anto! Mind you don't get hit by a car, darting into traffic like that to get a photo for us! :o

 ;) :D ;D

All the best,



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