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Historic timeline of SJS Cycles/Thorn and the connection between

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Hi All!

SJS Cycles have published a very nice timeline of the company's development that makes the SJSC/Thorn connection clear for those who may not realize Thorn-brand bikes date from a 1995 decision to create the brand as a way to address and fill a gap in the market.

More will follow in time, but at present, this timeline is helpful for explaining the development and relationship of SJSC and Thorn.



Interesting ...thanks for pointing it out Dan.

I like the chain graphic.
It'd be interesting if individuals were able to plot their Thorn bike buys along a chain timeline graphic.
I could put my Sherpa on at 2009, and my Audax on 2014.

I wonder how many Thorn bikes have been sold to date?

any info on my frame Dan be it good or bad well no i get enough bad news how about digging out a good news story on my 853 audax i looked on utube but no luck.


Here y'go, Anto!

An owner's video review of the Thorn Audax 853 here:

A written review, which I see on Facebook you've already found:

A few photos here:



cheers dan i knew you would find something.i still havent recieved my new brakes so cant finish the audax  >:(


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