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Thinking of arranging a Fell Club meeting in the Cumbria area for April 2004.
Lightweight camping with basic site facilities. Main thing is local facilities.
Pub', cafe, shops, bike shops and decent rides. Anybody that would have an interest in it lemme know and I'll work on it.[;)]

Chris Land:
Don't do it on 8th-12th April as you'll clash with the tandem-club meeting in the Cotswolds.  Try to arrange it for a week or so later I might pass by on my E2E as I will be without the kids... I'm still gonna complain about inverse ageism though...

It's your own fault for re produucing!!!!!!
Hope for around the last week in April.
Going to look at a potential site over the weekend so t'would be good if yez could make it. Personally, I would welcome brats as long as they sat in the back of the tent and kept quiet unless asked to speak! They might bring a bit of life too.

P.S.. I was joking.
I would be happy for kids as long as they don't bring Ghetto blaster boom boxy type things with them!

Chris Land:
I'm with you on the obnoxios teens who don't really want to be there anyway.  Seen enough of them when camping myself, but not all kids are like that!

I have to confess though, the first time we took my eldest camping, he was just about 4 months old and had constipation.  Must've kept most of the campsite up that night with his rather noisy struggles to poo.  Took him 2 1/2 days to manage this feat so I was pleased we were moving on each day [:I].

Probably more detail that you required, but I can see that some folk would rather avoid this kind of thing [B)]


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