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Spotted 05/05/06 - New looking drop bar Raven Sport, red with black Rohloff and Schmidt.  Gleaming in the sunshine, looked very very nice.  The only Raven I've seen in Derby, except mine[:)]

Andy B:
That was mine! - Only 6 days old when you saw it.
I've never seen another Raven in Derby - PH, you must hide yours!

Very pleased with it so far - my main 'complaint' is tyre noise; having been used to 700 x 28's on my old trusty steed which had done 16 years service, the 1.5 inch Panaracers do roar a bit.
I was also used to down-tube levers, so have no problem at all with the accessory bar-mounted shifter.


Fame in the first week[;)]
I don't often take a bike into town as I live within easy walking distance.  It has been out for a few Audax and CTC rides and a years commuting to Burton and back, so hardly hidden.
I very nearly went for a similar spec to yours, but it would have been too similar to my other good bike, so I went for the rough tough go anywhere option.  It has proven to have been the right choice for me, but when I saw yours I must confess to a little twang of regret, it looks so good.
I have the same tyres as you I think, High Roads? I haven't noticed them being particularly loud, I probably will now you've mentioned it.
Just the right weather for getting used to it, I hope youíve got some miles in.  Iíve been off the bike for a month following shoulder surgery, hopefully riding again some time next month.  Iíll have some catching up to do.

my bike

PH ........ hope you're back on your bike soon ..... saw your pic and I like it! the colour looks great [8D]

You seem to have quite a large frame by the pic .... have you had it long and how do you find life with a Rohloff [?]

Ah, some people with local knowledge of Derby.

Next month I've got to attend an overnight function with my employer at some hotel at east midlands airport which is, I believe, more or less Derby.
The evening event is a barbeque and shop talk with a lot of colleagues I'll probably never see again (we work from home and are spread all over the country). I'm vegetarian and burnt meat doesn't appeal much to me. So I thought I'd take my bike and go cycling instead.
Anyone know if there's a nice ride I could do of 20-30 miles starting somewhere near the hotel?


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