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Does anyone have suggestions here:

To be towed: 1 pair of ferrets.

The challenge is to build a ferret cage on wheels that can be attached to the back of the tandem. They will need as much room as possible as this will have to serve as living quarters for them when on tour. I would like rolling resistance and weight cut to a minimum, yet it would have to be robust, have some wind-proofing and shock absorption for them, be easily accessible for cleaning out...

Does anyone have a good sugestion of where to start?

they think you're joking Tim [;)]

Chris Land:
For shock-absorbtion you really have two options if you want more than you get from the tyres.  One option would be to go with a Bob Ibex as this has suspension and with only one wheel should have fairly low rolling resistance if you get a decent tyre.  With holes in the base it will also be easy to muck-out.  The problem with this option is that it is expensive and you would have to make some kind of a wind-break (a plastic wind-shield should be easy to make and could clip on the front) and you would need to make the cage part to fit inside and stop them escaping.

The other way to get shock-absorbtion for kids is to use a hammock slung seat.  There might be a way to adapt an old kiddy trailer to fit a regular ferret cage on the hammock seat.  This would be cheaper but I can't really see it working unless you adapt the seat fairly dramatically and even then the cage would be prone to bouncing around alot.

A third option would be to get a dog trailer made with narrower gaps in the bars.  You can get these from Orbit...

Would love to see it when you get something

The Ibex looks as though it's only meant for 26" wheels which rules that out (She is 700c equipped), which is a shame as otherwise it looks like a great place to start. I otherwise like the look of the Bobs though.

I think the answer will be to build a ferret cage that can be bolted down to a trailer - I think that there are some ex-lab rabbit cages that we can lay our hands on. These are made from aluminium, so are light and easily redesigned.

I know these trailers are praised the world over, but 250 is still rather steep.

Really I think what we need is a large flat base, which can be built upon.

Hmmmmmm I think I'm going to need to look at some designs in the flesh (so to speak) and see how they could be adapted.

Chris Land:
Bob Yaks are available for both wheel sizes.  I'm pretty sure that the Ibex is the same, but I know what you mean about the cost...  Perhaps you could find one of the old Bob trailers 2nd hand?  Can't remember what they were called, but they were just a flat-bed you fitted a box to.  Would be ideal if you've got a cage already...  Its easy to pick up a Bob Yak for about 150, so one of the older models should be less than 100.  

Don't see too many around though...


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