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My insurance agent tells me my bike is covered under my homeowner's insurance, even if it is stolen while on-tour, subject to USD$1,000 deductible under my current policy.

She did, however, blanch when told the price. Gulped and said, "Oh, my. Well, yes, we'd cover it".

I can't see them covering the shipping, which was a substantial part of the total, given I'm located in the upper-left corner of 'Merka, some distance from Bridgwater.


Dan. (...who is hoping he'll never have need to test his policy's coverage)

We also put ours on the house contents insurance as specified items, along with the cameras etc.

We get 3rd party 'accident' insurance through the CTC and British Cycling,  but their theft insurance was (is?) much more costly than adding the bikes to the house insurance.  


--- Quote ---hoping he'll never have need to test his policy's coverage
--- End quote ---
When our son's bike was stolen from his university accommodation the (Co-Op)  insurance paid out ... a few straightforward questions about it being locked and in a 'sensible' place but they were pretty good about it and didn't try to wriggle out of paying up.

It was taken from the entrance hall to the building and was locked back wheel to frame .... probably carried it to a van and dealt with the lock later.  There was nothing in the space to lock it to.

My home insurance also gives me third party cover as part of its standard policy. Plus the excess is only 50. Its a rather good policy!


--- Quote from: julk on September 04, 2013, 09:28:22 AM ---If you are a house owner then try the comparison websites and organisations such as the AA for house/home contents insurance which includes expensive bikes and gives cover away from home.

My home insurance (buildings and contents) currently comes to about 400 annually for this type of cover and includes my expensive bikes.

--- End quote ---
julian did your premium go by much when your bike was stolen,just curious because when i had my car crash it went from 250euro a year to 1400 :'( :'(

yes, on renewal the premium went up by a lot and the bike cover was reduced to 1000.
Insurers are not in it for our long term benefit. I did not renew with those insurers (M&S).

I had claimed for a stolen 4000 Thorn bike and had it replaced with the nearest equivalent. Kevin Sayles had been laid off by then so I had to go with an expr demo frame made up to my spec. Not my favourite colour scheme and no S&S couplings, but a great bike to tour on.
I will get it resprayed how I want it when it gets grotty enough to need it.

I went thru the AA for different insurers and they came up with a great home insurance deal for less money and with adequate bike cover included.

Definitely worth shopping around for quotes.


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