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So, in my quest to start the most mundane thread imaginable i'd like to pick peoples brains on Insurance.

If you consider that thorn expedition bikes cost somewhere in the region of 1.5 - 3.5k plus (by the time you have finished ticking all the boxes and their ooh so tempting order forms) they seem well worth insuring. The cheapest quote i have got for my sherpa ( with extras such as css rims, thorn racks, B&M Luxos U, Brooks select saddle which as accessories total more than a "normal" bike) and my wife's club tour we are looking at a minimum of 30 a month to insure these bikes away from the home.

So - do you insure yours, and if so, with whom? Any experiences claiming? Anything else to add to this adventurous and exciting topic?

nope no insurance just a good lock.i keep my 2 bikes inside the house  there seldom out of my sight  ;)

Hi Gover!

The Forum has a separate board for discussions about insurance, here: http://www.thorncycles.co.uk/forums/index.php?board=13.0

If you use the search function, you'll find there's been a lot of discussion concerning insurance that may prove helpful to you.

I've made a little tutorial on how to easily and effectively search the Forum here: http://www.thorncycles.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=4390.0

Entering "Insurance" as a search term will get you to most of it.

To help you get started, here are some sample discussions:

I'll move this topic over to the Insurance Board so all discussions will be together. Always a good topic to keep in mind, especially given the sometimes substantial cost to purchase or replace a beloved Thorn bicycle.



If you are a house owner then try the comparison websites and organisations such as the AA for house/home contents insurance which includes expensive bikes and gives cover away from home.

My home insurance (buildings and contents) currently comes to about 400 annually for this type of cover and includes my expensive bikes.

My home insurance (obtained through work as I work for an insurance broker) covers each bike up to a value of 5000 (per bike) anywhere in the world. This is included in the standard cover given and is not a cost option.


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