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Hi All!

Here are some useful articles from the archived FAQs and Downloads of the Thorn Cycling website in years go by. Keeping in mind the dates, the basic information is still relevant and useful in many ways.



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Thorn-commissioned article by Russell Gasser, Dec2005, reprinted 18May2007:
"Careful riding could be a mistake The problem of slowing tandems on long downhills" [the problem of excessive heat buildup wrt tandem braking]:

"Why we recommend 26" wheels for touring", by Andy Blance, designer of the Thorn range of bikes, Dec2005, reprinted 18May2007:

[Addressing] "V brake squeal", by Andy Blance 12/07/2006, reprinted 18May2007:

"Advice on air travel with bikes", by Andy Blance - 20/07/2006 , reprinted 18May2007:

"The most suitable Catalyst fork options for Adventure touring", by Andy Blance - October 2006, reprinted 20Aug2008:

That article on downhill braking is really nice. I have taken to wearing a floppy long sleeve shirt lately and it is amazing how steep a hill I can managing with almost no braking. I didn't see that as a deliberate tactic but I think it works. Trick #1 on a long hill is just to sit up as much as possible, to increase frontal area. Trick #2 is to unzip outer layer a bit, to get one's upper garment to act a bit like a parachute. Ha! I still have this fantasy of panniers that have built-in drag brakes, outer panels that open up at the front to capture air and slow one down. Some kind of cable control along the top tube perhaps.

Wow. Fantastic work Dan!

Does anyone have an alternative link or the PDF file for the xTc? It seems the archive files are corrupted somehow, or this is what my browser and PDF readers tell me. Thanks.

Sorry, it did work now. Not sure what was wrong earlier.

Hi Philipp,

Thanks for the heads-up. This happens sometimes when I view the archived files as well. There is a tremendous amount of information stored there, and I will occasionally get a message saying the server hosting the file I want to view is down (for maintenance, I presume). It was a real challenge to assemble this brochure archive 'cos there were so many hiccups in accessing the data. I think this is the most reliable assemblage over the years Thorn's site has been crawled.

Hoping it stays up and intact for ready access going forward. If a file seems inaccessible, it usually helps to try accessing it again later; sometimes even waiting overnight helps.




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