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Brilliant work putting all those files up.

I can't open the Sherpa or xtc pdf. The xtc really was lovely. They should bring it back!

Many thanks for doing this Dan.

I was about to post a question about the history of the Thorn Audax as I was wondering why the frame I just bought was a Mark III, and right on cue you posted all of these links. I can now answer my own question!

That's lot of work you have done.

Much appreciated.

Thanks, VT; so glad they're proving helpful to you!

Wonderful news about your new Audax Mk3; all congratulations your way.



Hi,  alas I can't get any of these pdf files to open either in my browser or as a download (states they are 0kb file size). 

Possibly a comparability issue with uptodate reader???

If anyone can help be much appreciated; wanted to look at Thorn Raven Sport info.

Thanks, Tim

Hi Tim!

The archive -- or sections of it -- goes down from time to time. Suggest you try again in a few hours or after a couple days have passed.




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