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head tube length
« on: August 02, 2005, 09:06:28 AM »
I've noticed that in the adverts for the thorn hub gear bikes the head tubes appear shorter than the EXP, Nomad models in the same advert.

The hub gear bikes then have a large stack of spacers to get the required height for the handlebars.

As a short head tube brings the bearings closer together surely this is not as good for reliability.

Sorry if this subject has been previously discussed but I'm new in here.


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Re: head tube length
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2005, 07:57:23 PM »
I think it might depend on what frame size you need.
The Raven Tours come in short and long top tube sizes. My Tour is a 512L (for long, I think), and that has a fairly short head tube. The short top tube sizes might just come with a longer head tube. I could not comment on long term durability of such geometry - yet.

A stack of spacers might be a good idea anyway. Gives you plenty of scope to fit an 'accessory bar' below the handlebars to which you can fit your lights or a bar bag without putting them on the handlebars. If you go for inboard mounted bar ends (which seem to be favoured by Thorn and which I like so much on our tandem I went for the same on my Raven Tour), you will want the handlebars free of other stuff anyway.