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150 PA for a Nomad !

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Putting it all on your house insurance is great if you have a house. If you rent one room in a house this is not possible/practical as they want you to insure the entire contents of your house. The only other option is to insure seperately.

Natwest have a max of 400 to replace.
Endsleigh do a new for old but only if the bike is not more than 3 years old.
CTC do new for old for 88.00 (give or take a little)

A standard price seems to be 10% of the price of the cycle.

Polar Bear:
Hmmm.  The offerings for bicycle insurance are appaling in UK.   If you want to add a bicycle to your domestic contents policy it usually has an upper value limit.   If you try to buy separately they typically charge you 10% of replacement cost.   And not a slightest suggestion of a no claims discount!   It is about time insurers looked at cycle insurance with a fairer perspective.   Car drivers get a fantastic deal, so should the cyclist as a road user.   I am sure they could come up with a proper fully comp policy including third party liability as well as accidental damage and replacement for less than the current woeful offerings.   Add that to the fact that we do not legally need insurance and I think they could be on to a winner.  

Maybe the CTC and other cycling promtion organisations and groups  should get together and lobby for fairer and more practical insurance.   In fact, I'm going to write to the CTC and my MP and I urge all you cyclists out there to do exactly the same.

Polar Bear:
The best I've been able to achieve is to change my contents insurance to CIS.   They cover as unspecified all bikes value upto 1,000, and will go on specified bikes upto 1,500.   When you've been a customer for more than 2 years (luckily I have some life assurance on my ex wife!!) they raise the 1,500 limit.   Policy excess is 50 and premium per specified bike is hell of a lot cheaper than the so-called cycle-specific insurance policies.  

By the way, I do ot have any reason to promote CIS other than now of course that they seem to offer about the best deal I can find for us cyclists.

My household contents inmsurance is about 55pa.  Includes bike whilst on the premises.
Adding cover for bikes off the premises is about 35pa for any number of the family's bikes, pretty much irrespective of how many or value.
Might depend on postcode.
Who with? - Egg.
Know any better?

Hey people.

There is a 92 page Guide to Cycling with this Saturday's Guardian which covers topics like insurance as well as safety, fitness technique and equipment.

Definitely worth checking out.[:D]




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