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150 PA for a Nomad !

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I pay 150 a year for my Nomad which is about 10% of the replacement value (I live in London), is this excessive ?

Dave Whittle Thorn Workshop:
www.cycleguard.co.uk quotes about 130 for a 1200 bike, so probably about right, far cheaper to get it on your household insurance.

The problem with house (or office) insurance is a max 500 payout on bikes. I found this out the hard way.

Hey Brains,
I had Cycles to the value of 2,500-00 on the Norwich Union household stuff.
Only problem was that, after three bikes stolen in two and a half years, they refuse to insure me for bikes now!

Dave Whittle Thorn Workshop:

Read your policy, my house insurance insures up to 1000 out of home, I added my bikes as specified items for 35 extra a year.


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