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Blanche's Weraldfietser World Cycle-Tour Video Repository


Hi All!

Thanks to Weraldfietser, the Dutch "World Cyclist" organization and the efforts of member "Blanche" (herself a very accomplished cycling videographer), there is now a complete repository of world cycle-touring videos on Vimeo 1,665 at present, and growing by the day.

This is an incredible feat of compilation, and I hope you will enjoy the results of her outstanding efforts as much as I have...well, perhaps not quite as much, as I nearly missed lunch today because I was so caught up in the available offerings.

Root page for the Vimeo group is here:

Blanche's featured videos and favored picks are here:

Be sure to check our her latest film on touring the Ukraine:

I have decided to post this here as inspiration for planning our own tours, and make it sticky so it can be easily found at the top of the page. All told, it comprises a tour-planning resource of inestimable value as well as a wonderful way to while away time while dreaming of our own trips or merely "armchair tour".

What a terrific job! A grand hat-tip to Blanche and all the intrepid tourists who have so generously shared their journeys and artistic works.



il padrone:
An amazing find Dan! Thanks for passing this on, it'll keep me busy for quite some time now. Time-wasting some might call it  :-\


brilliant film Dan great find going to share it on my facebook  page. ;)

richie thornger:
Stickies...good or not?
I somehow ignore them because they are there all the time, like part of the furniture.
Today for some reason I clicked and came here. Really going to enjoy going through these :)

Absolutely brilliant! What a major undertaking. Congratulations to all involved. I'm looking forward to being isnspired as we head out in July.
Thanks for sharing this.


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