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I am taking tandem trike plus child trailer from Hull - Rotterdam and then first day cycle is from Europort to Delft.  This is the first time with tandem trike plus 3 year old child abroad and to make things easier can anyone recommend a good cycle route from Europort to Delft avoiding the main centre of Rotterdam.


You might be advised to ask this question onthe C+ forumj (Cycling plus) in the "Tour and Expedition section.

Team Triplet:
I am not familar with the area actually around Europort, but I do have the complete ANWB Fiets Atlas at 1:75000 scale.

The best thing you do is get hold off by mail order a ANWB 1:100000 map for Zuid Holland before you go.  The Zuid Holland map covers a large area.  The problem with the ANWB maps is that they based upon Dutch provinces and hence are not off consistent size.

From Europort there is a choice of routes along the south bank of the Nieuwe Waterweg, two of which run through the port area and will take you to Rozenburg, where you can pick up LF1 and the across on the ferry to Massluis.  

A nice but slighly longer route would be to head south from Europort and across the Hartelkanaal and take the cycle routes that run east between the Hartelkanaal and Brielse to Rozenbnurg or continue east to Hoogvliet to pick up LF12 to take the ferry across to Vlaardingen and follow LF11 to Delft.  

If you cross at Maasluis you can find a nice route that uses small ferries to join up with LF11.


Don't be put off cycling through Rotterdam, Ceri-Siān and I found a loverly route along the Rotte into the city centre, we just amde a poor choise of route out!

A word of warning if arriving on a Sunday - watch out for strict Sunday observance in the shops,a nd also some shops/towns also have half day closing Monday am.

If you want to know more about cycle camping using the Dutch Camping and Caravanning Club sites, very ceap and nice simple sites see, and contact team triplet off group:
for our 2002 tour and:
for our 2004 tour.


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