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Q's: Jand & do Carradice leak or mold?


Does anyone have any experience with Jand panniers and bags ?


p.s.  My preference is actually Carradice.  I love canvas !  However for 15 years when i lived in extremely rural situations (had horses no pavement) sometimes canvas, as alfalfa hay covers or tarps, would mold mildew or get
eaten by rats...    

My question would be do Carradice ever leak or mold ?  Obviously panniers and hay tarps live very different lives....

Anyway Carradice look great and they are by far my preference...  my only other leaning at the moment, is, this side of raising the money for the Carradice luggage, to get the super cheap but waterproof Nashbars  

( nashbar rear +front for $100 total... bewildering price? )

but again, interested in all comments...

In the UK the most popular among the quality panniers are Ortlieb and Carradice.It rains a lot over here so waterproofness is high on the adgenda. The US take seems to involve lots of zippers, which is not popular over here but must suit US conditions. Carradice would be my choice,but they may be expensive.


Apologies for curt message. It was late and I was tired.

As you may have noticed, this site is not the liveliest around! I mean the quality is good but there's not much of it.

You could try the cycling plus touring forum:  ,which is a very popular mostly british one.

Or  for a more global with US bias forum.

Hoping this is of help.

Ps. I don't want to put you off this site!

Regards Lucian

Chris Land:
I use Caradice and they can leak in torrential downpours.  For this reason it is worth coupling them with rubble-sacks (heavy duty polythene bags you can get from the garden centre for a few pence).  On the other hand I haven't had a problem with them going mouldy!  

Ortlieb are completely waterproof, but not breathable, so the downside would be putting damp kit into them won't allow them to breathe.  This may not really be a problem.

When touring I take Carradice and put clothes and cooking kit, tent etc in my panniers. My wife takes (more) clothes) and sleeping bags in her ortliebs as they are down and NOT something we want to get wet.

No idea about Jandds so perhaps not my most helpful reply to this forum. Ho hum.



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