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How many in Kent?

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How unique are we to be pedalling a Thorn (Vitesse) in Kent?

Should I be looking out for anyone?

You may be ok in Kent, but it breaks as soon as it gets into Essex!!! [:D] [:D]

It works well in Somerset [:D]

People seemed to be dropping back from us on the descents (as and when we'd made up the ground lost due to us climbing slowly)

There's at least one Thorn on the Isle of Sheppey.

We haven't managed to break our Essex-based Vitesse yet, FatBloke. 4200 miles on the Rohloff hub in the year we've had it. All done as day trips. I don't remember being overtaken by anybody on a pushbike whilst riding our Vitesse. But then we haven't encountered anybody competing in a race yet.
Ours is frequently to be seen also in Suffolk (we're only about six miles from the border), and rarely in Norfolk too. I'm still thinking about the foray into Cambridgeshire.
Apart from the Rohloff hub, ours has a carbon fork and various other carbon bits, but the colour is the standard metallic rainbow. Would yours stand out similarly in a crowd?


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