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Your choice in cycling movies/film/cinema/documentaries

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Bikepacking race in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

John Saxby:
Thanks, Rual -- what a great choice:  splendid film, remarkable landscapes.

As for "testing limits", my reckoning these days is a bit more prosaic:  In about ten days, we've gone from a decidedly cool-and-late spring, with daytime highs around 4 or 5, to nearly mid-summer, with daytime highs in the low 30s, and the humidex in the mid-to-high 30s.

So, I'm looking verrry cautiously at a 3 1/2-hour there-and-back up into the Gatineau Hills across the river.

Cheers,  John

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is currently showing online.

Of particular note to cyclists is Scotswoman Jenny Graham's round the world record breaking trip from 2018, showing in her film Eastbound.

Four adventure films including Eastbound for 9.70

Or the whole festival (about 50 films) for $85 Canadian.

Links to many of the films shown at this year's excellent Cycle Touring Festival are still available to watch on their website:

Highlights include Marcus Stitz's Unhurried- Scotland coast to coast on the John Muir Way:

And Jeremy Janin's The best bikepacking trip I've never had:

You'll also find recordings of many of this year's talks buried on their Facebook page:

They're also gradually making their way on to their Youtube channel:

And if you feel inclined, the festival's donation page is here:

Yesterday I bumped into this youtube clip:

For those that doubt the capabilities of 26'' steel wheelies!

After watching this movie I went downtown with my Sherpa riding at 30km/h  ;D


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