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Re: Best Touring Tent
« Reply #120 on: October 17, 2019, 11:49:15 PM »
Nice looking tent julio and it's amazing what you can get for the weight.  But having had one US style tent with lots of mesh and a fly that didn't go down to the ground i wouldn't consider another for UK conditions, which is most of my camping. 


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Re: Best Touring Tent
« Reply #121 on: November 23, 2021, 12:18:19 PM »
A feedback about my Big Agnes..

No tent is perfect..

What i don't like :
-floor is not waterproof !!   ::) crazy for a tent at 350 euros
-no possible to attach the inner room with the tarp during assembly (when it rain for ex..)

What i like :
-interior space, it is tall in length
-light weight
-possible to use only the tarp with the footprint (in option)
-sleep only with the inner room is fantastic (can see stars)
But in first place, the length hoops, takes up little space in a bag (for that it is called Bikepacking tent

I miss the floor of my Soulo Hilleberg, very robust and real waterproof

So i'm looking for new tent as the Big Agnes but with a robust and waterproof floor, not sure that it exists


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Re: Best Touring Tent
« Reply #122 on: November 23, 2021, 01:03:58 PM »
Following this journey with interest. So many choices, reviews, opinions around. The Hubba Hubba NX is mentioned a lot, as are various Hilleberg ones. For me itís been a case of deciding which are the  essential features I want according to when and where I intend to ride. Iíve decided Iíd like a free standing two-person tent. Three season with a semi-mesh inner that can be used without the fly ( stargazing not exhibitionism) but also for warm clement nights. Id like to sit up comfortable in the tent. Iím 179cm and donít like the caving sensation!
I also want opposing two door entry/exit. Green colour for Special Ops work and DAC poles that fold reasonably small. Iíve read that Tyvek is a great product to make your own footprint with, so thatís something Iíd also like.

Fussy so and so then 😉

John Saxby

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Re: Best Touring Tent
« Reply #123 on: November 24, 2021, 07:54:39 PM »
This is always an enjoyable topic, full of nooks & crannies, and a raftload of swings-and-roundabouts and 'orses-for-courses. So much depends on personal taste/habit/obsession, and on where and when we're touring, hence weather.

A few notes:

1)  Ian, you might look at this item:  I just bought one from our local outdoors store, Bushtukah (a nice homage by its owners to 'Strayan, which I reckon not many of its customers recognize.)  Be advised that NEMO's products are in high demand, and several models are listed as "out of stock".

2)   My purchase is a bit of an act of faith that my arthritic hips will relent enough to let me use it next summer.  I bought the Dragonfly 2 P tent (rather than the 1P) because it has about 5cms extra headroom than my otherwise excellent Tarptent Moment DW, and is generally roomier.  The D'fly 2P is advertised as a 2-person tent, but when I erected it in the store, I saw that it would be suitable only for two very slender persons who like to be very close to each other:  interior width is just 45", and that's at the wide end.  I'm 20" across at the shoulders, so it's nice'n'roomy tent for me alone.

     It weighs 50 oz all-in (all weights & measures US-mode).  That's about 3 oz/85 gms more than my Tarptent with the optional-but-extremely-useful end-to-end crossing pole; essentially, the same weight. 

3)   Julio, my Tarptent Moment has a very sturdy floor, Julio. The maker does not recommend a groundsheet, unless you're using the tent in very rough conditions. I do use a groundsheet which I cut to size from an ultralight space blanket -- weight is maybe 30 gms.

4)   As a habit acquired from long paddling practice, I almost always carry a small Nikasil tarp, approx 6' x 8' & 400 gms. (US, sometimes Canajan measurements).

5)   Come spring, I plan to sell my Tarptent and (likely) my 2-person Hubba Hubba-mit-footprint.  Both vgc condition, no scrapes or tears.