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Thorn serials registry -- good, bad, or even possible?

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And another, though not via an https connection:  http://www.diamondback.com/register-your-bike/


Sounds like an excellent idea.

Registry sounds like an excellent idea. 
Members fearing security issues could leave just their mobile number &/or email address to avoid the "Thieves' Shopping List" problem.

richie thornger:
As an owner of two used Thorns this would be great to help the buying process as well as if yours is stolen.

Hi All!

I have been giving this matter some more thought and figured I'd crowd-source my idea by running it past you all, figuring someone might stop me if I'm about to make an unforeseen mistake.

I've received PMs and emails from a number of you wishing there were a Thorn serials registry.

I thought about offering to establish and maintain such a registry myself. I'm located in an area with few if any other Thorns on a continent remote from most of you so I am an unlikely security risk, but there still could be problems. The basic idea is sound, but not the execution.

Here are my current thoughts:

There is already a Thorn Cycling Forum...and this is the only one. We (members) are already registered and access the forum using a screen name and password. Many of us have put photos of our bikes in the Gallery section. So far as I know, none of this has resulted in a Thorn being stolen.

So, what if I were to start a new Forum topic titled, Thorn Ownership Registry, and those who wished could post their frame serial number, the model and color and details of their bike, and their Rohloff serial if applicable? The information would be keyed to our screen identity and in the event a bike were stolen, members *and guests* would be able to check the serials of any new purchase against the Forum registry to see if a bike was already owned. In the event it was, the owner could be contacted here by registering as a regular member and sending a PM to the owner.

The SMF Forum software date-stamps each post and by being overt, ownership of a given serial would be established before the world at a given date (I assume we each have our receipts of some sort to back up our claims in the event of theft and to prevent false ownership claims). Anyone including law enforcement officials could simply view the relevant Forum Board, check the date stamp, and verify a claim of prior ownership to a recovered bike and match the description and serial to any found or offered for sale illicitly.

Participation would be voluntary and those having second thoughts could always delete their entry just as they can delete any of their other posts. Posts could also be updated by the original poster by using the "Modify" option to reflect a legitimate sale, new ownership, trade-in to Thorn/SJSC, or loss due to fire/flood/damage.

I can't see how a Forum registry could be readily keyed directly to our addresses and used as a "shopping list" for thieves. Rather, by making an overt claim of public ownership, it should be easier to establish rightful ownership if there is a dispute or in the event of a theft and subsequent recovery. The Registry would persist as long as the Forum, and the Forum already comprises a de facto owner's club, a site where enthusiasts of the marque are likely to check. Many of us regularly check eBay for used Thorns, and collectively we are more likely to spot a stolen Thorn than the general population -- especially if we have some basic information to reference.

Here's a sample entry for what I have in mind; these fields would seem to cover pretty much everything that is needed:

Owner: Danneaux
Bike: Thorn Nomad Mk2
Frame Serial: 590Mxxxxx
Frame color: Matte black
Rohloff hub serial: xxxxxx, black
Brief description: Rohloff hub, drop-'bars, Brooks B.17, black mudguards, SON dynohub, F/R Thorn racks, all black components

How does this strike you? Thoughts? If things look good, I will move forward.




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