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Thorn serials registry -- good, bad, or even possible?

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Hi All,

Thinking more about the horrible consequences of theft,  I wonder if it might be possible for Thorn itself to establish a registry of serial numbers cross-referenced by owner name and contact information. Information could be provided by owners on a voluntary basis, and if the list were secured properly, it could be quite safe (otherwise, it could provide a nice shopping list for thieves).

A search of this forum shows a person in Spain kindly purchased a possibly stolen Thorn in hopes of reuniting it with its owner and made every effort to do so.   See:  http://www.thorncycles.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=2338.0  The same thread revealed Thorn currently maintains no cross-referenced owner/serial database.  I wonder if it might yet be possible to establish one.  A quick look at my invoice and receipt from Thorn show no serial number noted there.  I found mine was stamped on the left side of the bottom bracket, and have noted it for my records.  If that information could be filed with Thorn, it might serve as a central clearinghouse in the event a Thorn is noticed or even recovered by other forum members.  The bikes are rare enough here in the States that I have hope someone might Google the name and come across this forum.  If they could then contact Thorn who might in turn notify the bereft owner, then perhaps bikes and riders could be more readily reunited.  Certainly, we forum members seem to have a well-tuned radar for spotting Thorns even amidst other makes, so it could only help.




excellent idea. ;)

Ditto - indeed an excellent idea.

It seems that Moulton bikes have such registry. You feel like buying Bentley or smith.


Here's a template of the secure online form used by Rivendell, a manufacturer/distributor of frames based in Walnut Creek, California.

Something like this might well fill the bill for us Thorn owners seeking a serials registration database:





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