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(This is a mystery... I thought I posted this topic earlier today, but it hasn't appeared. Apologies for any repetition.)

In any case, I'm considering having a Tubus Logo rack fitted to my new Raven AT. My reasoning is completely frivolous, I'm afraid - I've gone with a (new!) blue frame, and all silver-finish components. Which means no Thorn racks for me. One alternative seems to be a Blackburn, but that seems a bit low-brow, and I don't like the aluminium plate across the top.

The Tubus rack, though, looks interesting. It's chromoly, and it has two positions for attaching the panniers, with one lower and further back. And importantly, it's silvery! See more details on the Tubus website at

It's good enough for Josie Dew, who used one on her 5000-mile ride around Britain in Long Coast Home (though the book was a bit of a snoozer, I thought) - though the rack did snap after 4000 miles!


I had another look into this. The Logo in silver is called: Cosmo and is a stainless steal version of the Logo.




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