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I'm hoping to head north from London on the towpaths of the Grand Union Canal. I have a few of the Nicholson's guides that describe the canals largely from the boater's point of view.

Anyone done extensive canal navigation? Are there any large stretches that are closed to cyclists? Any recommendations?

Are you planning to do this route by pedelboat? [;)]

quote:Originally posted by Stijn

Are you planning to do this route by pedelboat? [;)]

The last time I piloted a pedalboat was in the canals of Utrecht, and I found it to be startlingly inefficient... thus, I will do it in my brand new Raven Adventure Tour, which I ordered just today! [:D]

Congratulation, nice one. I completely agree on the inefficiency of the dutch pedel boats, they are much  more fun if you take them out in a group and bring some buckets along. [;)]

Enjoy and cycle straight.



Perhaps it may be worthwhile contacting British waterways(BW)

I'm sure they would be able to give advise on routes etc.

I don't think there are many towpaths unavailabe to cycles.



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