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Oil/Grease on MTB wheels


Hey all!!!

 The braking performance on my MTB has gone down hill since i washed the bike yesterday!!?? When i checked the wheels for any dirt/grease etc i found that they were covered in a very nasty surface of what appers to be oil, My bike still stops fairly well, But just not good enough!!

 Please can somebody out there tell me what this is, and also more importantly, how i get rid of it...

  Cheers, Dan

If it's mainly the back wheel and you are cleaning/re-lubing the chain AFTER you have washed the bike, is any lub dripping off onto the rims. I always try and lean the bike over towards the chainside overnight after doing this, and then give the rim another check/clean, as lubing the chain is usually apart from this the last thing I do.

The type and amount of lub you use could also contribute depending how far it gets flung off the chain.

If it's the front wheel as well then don't know where to start! What are you washing the bike with ??

Are the tyres new? I recently bought some that appeared to have some whitish substance on them. I could imagine that washing this onto the rims might produce a greasy film.


  Thanks for the advice, I cleaned the wheels with some soapy water, and they came up fantastic!!



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