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Getting MTB tyres on true first time


It seems whenever I buy a new pair of MTB tyres (Panaracer Trailblasters this time) they are a bit distorted, and it usually takes me about 3 goes of fitting to the rim, blowing up hard, spinning and checking for high/low spots, letting down again, working on those areas, blowing up again, letting down, bouncing the almost flat tyre on the ground several times to even tyre around the rim, and after about the third attempt, the tyres run passably true on the rims.

So what are the tricks and short cuts I am missing out on and should know about? - are there any? - is it possible to get it right first time? Does soapy water help? (as used by the Kwik-Fit Fitters and the like?)

Any time-saving tips would be appreciated.[:)]

I see quite a few folks have read this but no replies! Does that mean that (a) my experience is normal (b) there are no short cuts or (c) both the above[?]

My experience of new tyre fitting is that good quality ones fit well in the bead without much fuss. I try to distribute the tyre round the rim evenly after mounting it, which involves pushing in the valve and stretching the tyre away towards the opposite side. Apart from that, I do as you do, lowering pressure, pushing in high areas and pulling out low areas. The soapy water thing is for fitting tight tyres, though I haven't tried it myself.


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