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I`m due to take delivery of a Thorn Adventure tour in the next week or so and I would like to protect the inside of the frame from corrosion as there will, inevitably, be some water ingress.
What are the recommended corrosion inhitors?. I`ve come accross references to Wiegle`s frame saver but haven`t found a U.K. source So far. I would be grateful for any recommendatins for chemicals and/ or application techniques.

Hi, I believe the Thorn Adventure has a sealed frame, apart from the seat tube. That's what it says in the blurb, anyway. I used waxoyl to seal my bike frames, although it's not ideal as it never set and kept dripping out of the bottom bracket for ages. It was tricky to guage how thickly it was applied, using a spray tube attachment. I have heard that Roberts supply some sort of frame protective, possibly Wiegles. Thorn may do something also.
Have a good adventure on your Adventure!

I used Waxoyl in my Thorn Nomad and it does tend to leak straight out through the bottom bracket.  However, leaving the bike upside down for a few day will help Waxoyl to set enough to leave residue at the top as well as lower down the frame tubes.

Chas Roberts Cycles of South East London supply thir frames with J.R. Weigle's Frame Saver and my tin cost a tenner. I'm sure Roberts (being very helpful people)will put some in the post. If not, Weigle is an American firm (410 Town Street, E.Haddam, CT 06423) but there is no web address. Whether or not it is better than Waxoyl remains to be seen.

I`ve decided to use Waxoyl because it can be purchased as a high pressure spray kit so I can be fairly certain of coating the entire surface of the main tubes. Will probably use too much and end up with a bike weighing a pound or 2 more!
Thanks for the suggestions.

Diluting the Waxoyl with white spirit helps, probably more than it says on the can. Also warm the frame as much as poss, perhaps do it outside on a hot sunny day.It won't set unless it's in contact with (fresh)air. A tube inserted to the far end and connected to a blower would be ideal, but still might take a long time.I've had problems with contamination of a suspension seatpost, the pump action sucks the stuff up into the bearings.


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