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I use Panaracer Tour Guard 175s on my Raven, rated at 65psi. This is fine for daily use but when loaded up with camping kit and 3 yr old child I think they could do with more. I know some people, particularly tandemists exceed the ratings and there are even arguments that it's actually safer to overinflate but by how much? Can anyone recommend what I can safely use? 80? 90?[?]

Hi, the unofficial(Danger Mouse is on the SJSC staff, I think) official line is 90psi.
See this:-

Thanks for the link. I don't expect anyone to endorse it officially but unofficial advice from someone in the know is as good!
 I'm also interested in the choice of tyres. When I bought my Nomad a couple of years ago I had a choice of Hi Road 1.5" or Tour Guard 1.75". After checking the tyre review page I opted for the TGs because I live in the country and ride on rough road surfaces with lots of thorns (of the spikey type). When I traded it in for a Raven the HRs weren't an option. Is there a technical reason for this?

I just looked at the Thorn Raven brochure and the Hi Road 1.5s are listed as an option. Perhaps they were out of stock when you ordered your's?

Possibly. I did buy it in January so they were quite new then. It doesn't matter anyway because I'd have specified them anyway, especially at that time of year. I pumped them up to 80psi yesterday and it makes quite a difference...don't quite have the guts to try 90 yet!


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