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For $30-$45 USD I can get a few different FSA threadless headset choices over here in the States but for a nominal jump I can start looking at Cane Creek as well...

jumping much larger I can get Chris King.

Someone with more knowledge on this topic than me-what exactly are the differences between these headsets and their varying price ranges?

Very curious!

The FSA is a roller bearing design which means there is a larger contact area, good for heavy duty use.They have replaceable cartridges. The Cane Creek are very good quality, use conventional balls and some have grease ports for easy maintenance. The Chris King is a very high precision, costs a fortune and probably lasts for ever... but, you can ruin any headset by overtightening it or not tightening it if it's loose. Personally, I wouldn't think twice. For heavy duty touring use, the FSA is the best design.

Thx Luce-

Now another question...

within the FSA brand of headsets what are differences between the following models...

Orbit X

Orbit XL II

The Pig

The Big Fat Pig

Thanks in advance!

The FSA website is at:-

Actually, I'm not so sure they are roller bearing designs. Angular contact seems to be the buzzword.Oh well, I'm sure they are pretty good. Thorn spec the Orbit XL 11 a lot. My Thorn Audax has a Stronglight roller bearing headset which has been faultless.My MTB tourer has a Shimano XT which is good as new after 10 years. I think longevity is partly down to the being decent quality in the first place and partly being sensitive to it being in good adjustment, using the right tools, making sure its well lubricated.

The headset with grease ports is in fact the WTB Momentum headset. More misremembering sorry!

 Some of the FSA headsets you mention are for special purposes like BMX and downhill MTBing, some designs are internal fitting and require a special headtube. The ones I think you want are the MTB cross country or freeride designs. Cartridge bearings must be an advantage for touring as they can be easily changed if they do wear out and you could take with you a spare set even, or have them sent out. The better ones also have stainless steel bearings, so resist moisture ingress better.


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