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Paint for Rohloff shifter?


Rohloff - brilliant.  Everything about it- except I have difficulty discerning the gear numbers on the rubber shifter.  I would especially like to be able to read the number 7 quite easily and clearly.  Raven owners will understand why.  I'd like to mark or pick out the embossed rubber numbers on the shifter in some way.  can anyone think of a white or red or yellow paint of some kind which will be durable so that it doeasn't have to be redone every 5 minutes.  Or else I'm considering pushing a short pin with a coloured top - preferably flat - into the number 7 numeral.  Anyone any suggestions as to what might be a suitable object. Or anyone suggest another solution?

Dave Whittle Thorn Workshop:
Tip-Ex, no seriously I marked the height of my little sister on a galvanised post outside @ home with it 2yrs ago and its still there!! [:D]

Tip-Ex was my first thought too.  I'll give it a try.  I really thought that it would rub off.  Although one doesn't deliberately touch the embossed numerals, I suppose that they are subject to more frequent touching than a marker on a wall but I'll give that a go and see what happens.

It's amazing how much more relaxing it is when you can see at a glance what gear you are in - really the 7/8 shift.  It just allows me to remember to hold off as I change to 8 for a smooth and continuous build of up speed.
Ti-Pex works very well although the question will be how durable it is.  I painted all of the numerals but that was because I enjoyed it and got carried away.  Now it is obvious that there is a 14 gear shifter on the bike and that could make potential thieves that much more curious so I'll scrape most of the numerals off.  It is only the 7/8 which I need to see.
I shall keep on the look out for other paint in case the Ti-pex needs renewing too often.

Hmm - Tip-ex rubs off easily - as predicted, but the principle is great and works very well.  I shall have a look for some paint.


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